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About me

Hi, I’m Barbara. I’m a transformational coach who knows that when you don’t feel connected to your work or to a new phase of life you begin to think something must be wrong with you because everyone else seems to have it figured out. 

I know this feeling because I lived it. I spent years trying to vibe with the corporate scene, but something never felt right.

My Genuine Story

I was 22 years old and in tears when I called my mom after my first big business event. “I’m not like these people,” I sobbed, after leaving an event at a swanky hotel. Cocktails, dinner, networking – you know the deal.

Of course, I wasn’t “like” them. I was fresh out of college trying to figure out real life. But there was something else, It was deep and it was real and I just couldn’t name it yet. I needed more clues.  

I stepped out to get some air, and when I returned I realized there was a glass wall separating the hallway from the event. I stood on one side of that glass wall looking in. I knew I wasn’t the only one feeling like I didn’t belong. And deep down, those were the people I wanted to know.

I had other “glass-wall moments” in my 20’s, and 30’s and again in my early 40’s until I finally put the clues together and realized that I don’t care about a company’s bottom line. I care about yours. 

I connect in a deeply personal and life-changing way to create “breakfree” moments with my clients. Even better than breaking through is breaking free from everything holding you back.

My Background and Breakfree Moment

Fast forward >>> I became a coach by way of a career in HR – hiring, recruiting, and interviewing hourly to C-level candidates. I was fascinated by career stories and worked with undeclared high school and college students as a side gig. (CLUE!)

I found myself investigating this new industry called coaching and ultimately left a secure job for an adventure in helping others. Career Wellness Partners was born in 2013 focusing on career transition and evolved to a full-on transformational life and career coaching practice.

You can also find me at Lehigh University, coaching 1-year MBA students from all over the globe who step out of their professional lives, converge for an immersive MBA experience, and set out to re-launch their careers. 

Whether during a career pivot, a life change, or while discovering yourself as a leader, coaching helps you get clear on your strengths, blindspots, and fears, and how you want to show up and live the genuinely inspired life you so desperately desire.

Transformational career & life coaching that serves clients in the Allentown – Easton – Bethlehem – Lehigh Valley – Philadelphia – PA – New York & New Jersey areas and also work virtually with clients all over the US.


** 800+ hours of individual coaching with clients.

** ICF Professional Certified Coach – PCC

** Certifications as Career Coach | Executive Leadership Coach | Strengths Coach | MBA Coach Certifications  


You are looking for meaning and purpose, not just the mechanics of landing your next gig. Get out of your own way and find work that lights you up.

Whether facing one of life’s many transitions or fed up with living on autopilot, step into the full version of you.

I coach the human under the title. Your job is to care about your company’s bottom line. My job is to care about yours.

Whether you’re a career changer, executive, or a life coach client, your mindset is your secret weapon.

Barbara reveals people to themselves. - TG

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