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I know that the next version of you is just around the corner. Brave and unleashed. If you squint really hard, you can almost see that person just waiting for you to get there and do big things together. Deep in your bones you know it too. Just like you, these clients knew it. And they found it.


Talk about pushing through to a new you that was just under the surface and ready to hatch... Barbara guided me along an amazing journey of self-discovery! She has helped me understand how to better use my strengths, and to identify when to use the new tools she taught me to be a great leader. – CA


Barbara truly helped identify my passions in areas I never thought to look. She uncovered parts of my past that totally helped me build upon and hone to drive me toward the right industry and place in the industry where I could grow and use my skills and talents. The process and experience was amazing and fruitful. 100% worth the investment. Thank you, Barbara! – TM


I am really proud to have landed an executive level job, four months after leaving my previous position and through a pandemic! - EC


Barbara has guided me through multiple job searches, and I recommend her services to everyone I know. She gets a great read on people, pushes them to grow in all the right ways and is empathetic and fun to talk to. I can't stress enough how much she has helped to grow my career! – DR


I have always tried to be self-aware, and Barbara helped me to sort through the information I collected through that awareness. I am excited for the next phase for me and would highly recommend Barbara to anyone who is searching and needs someone to guide them on their path. Thank you, Barbara! -CJA

Finding Barbara was a Godsend!

Finding Barbara was a Godsend.  I was really stuck. I found myself at a point in my career transition where I could not focus on or find what I wanted to do next - had no idea!  Barbara saw the blindspots that were holding me back and helped me work through them. Once the roadblocks were cleared, the direction toward my next steps seemed to just open up as we focused on the qualities that make me and my professional experience unique and valuable.  Aside from being a qualified and skilled professional, Barbara is truly genuine - a powerful human quality which made her focus and insight on me, as a client, spot-on.

- Maria G.

Fiercely dedicated to helping her clients.

I had the great privilege of working with Barbara during a difficult transition in my life. From the beginning, her undivided attention, intentionality and genuine investment, put me at ease. I found Barbara to be remarkably insightful. She balanced support and understanding against thought-provoking questions and challenged perceptions that were holding me back. Barbara is fiercely dedicated to helping her clients see their own potential and supports them in identifying the steps for achieving it. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is serious about leveling up in their lives.

- HN

This was a successful journey.

I feel back on track with my career again! I can't thank you enough for all your work and effort in making this happen. This was a successful journey, and a relatively quick one, once I became your client and started working your system.  It really does work. 


Barbara Berger is the real deal.

No gimmicks. Don’t underestimate the value of finding the right coach to guide you in finding your next professional association. It worked for me. She can help make it work for you—if you’re willing to do the hard work in making it work for you. Thanks to this collaboration. I was able to find a new, nourishing, and perfect professional association with a highly-regarded company in the K12 educational space. I credit luck, momentum, and collaboration with Barbara Berger as my professional coach to bring me to this positive professional outcome.

- Jane B.

Working with you made me feel more polished.

You showed me a broader spectrum and way to look/approach my job hunt. You are very encouraging and to the point. Your skills and knowledge are very professional. You convey to the client (me) what I needed to know and how employers view their applicants in today’s job market. Well done.

- Angie S.

Barbara was extremely helpful and a real pleasure to work with.

There were several benefits to working with Barbara. Her questions inspired me to think differently about my work and skills. The DISC assessment was extremely helpful and it gave me insight to my behaviors and motivators. In addition, she’s uplifting and always there for you. The job search information provided at the end of the session is also very helpful. I learned a great deal about my skills and personality that I wasn’t in tune with — until I took a good look at the information presented to me.

- Shelia D.

I believe we all begin a journey with some sort of sometimes-painful inner dialogue.

With an exceptional coach, this soliloquy, as it pertains to my situation, developed into a productive form. This could only have happened with the remarkable insight and environment that Barbara provided. Her professional and consistent presentation, expertise, and the environment of trust and mutual respect, benefited my role as a client. To all the people who read this, and who may be “struggling,” please know if you are willing to work under Barbara’s direction, own your struggle, and put forth action, you will benefit greatly. I believe she is the first step and I confidently recommend her coaching services.

- SA

I got a very good offer late last week!

Again, thank you very much for the help. You made a difference and it helped.

- GD

I initially was not sure what I needed but I knew I wanted help.

It was daunting to consider another change, but Barbara was able to show me how I could apply my skills to a new direction. While at the time I didn’t enjoy some of the homework or activities, I definitely found the self-discovery and assessments extremely eye-opening. This was my first experience with coaching and I found it a perfect match for my personality in ways I didn’t expect. I was not pressured, but there was just enough urgency/activity to keep me enthused while not feeling rushed.

- Jim B.

Barbara reveals people to themselves. - TG

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