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Sometimes it’s about finding your next gig, but most of my clients are looking for inspiration and deeper meaning.  

  • You need to find meaning and purpose

  • You want to figure out what’s missing in your work life

  • You feel like a square peg 

  • You’re overwhelmed with too many ideas or frustrated with too few

  • You’re stuck on how to repackage your skills for a major career pivot or rebrand

Guided by the Career Wellness proven approach that has helped hundreds of career changers shift gears, we will help you harness your unique power to have the inspired and fulfilling career you dream about!

Coaching for Career Wellness

Yes, strategies and tactics are critical but if you don’t spend time on your mindset, purpose, and intention then your actions will only give you more of what you’ve already got. To level up in your professional life we identify your strengths, your big-impact moments, and reveal what gives you energy and puts you in flow.

Depending on the engagement (usually 3, 6, 9 months) and your unique goals, coaching packages can include:

  • Bi-weekly or weekly individual coaching sessions (in person, Zoom video, or phone), 1 full hour each

  • Career development & discovery exercises between sessions

  • Selected assessments to identify strengths, behaviors, and motivators (including identifying your favorite saboteurs)

  • Tools and resources selected for your personal journey

  • Resilience & mindset coaching builds capacity for a pivot

  • Branding for a new path

  • Conducting a robust and proactive job search

  • Interview prep and mock interviews

  • Text and email support

  • Weekly accountability check-ins

Online Career Coaching


You’ll get intel from behind the recruiting desk as we use my experience as an interviewer and hiring manager to help you present yourself as the strong and capable candidate you are.  


Depending on our plan, I can include time outside of our coaching session to provide minor revisions/edits. If you’re looking for a complete rewrite, or need to create materials from scratch, I have a skilled partner, also with recruiting experience, to whom I can refer you.   

Online career coaching via Zoom helps you align who you are with what you do. My office is located in Allentown, PA and I have worked virtually with clients across the country since 2013. Online career coaching provides the same safe and connected vibe, and the same big insights, as in-person coaching because connection is #1 to me. Connecting online for virtual career coaching sessions means you can explore the deep inner work needed, and learn best practices for your successful career pivot, in the comfort of your own home. As your career coach, I am your dedicated guide for the journey.

With a background in HR, hiring, and recruiting, career coaching is a significant portion of my practice. I help you clarify what’s important by holding online career coaching sessions using the same proven model I use in person. Sometimes it’s about finding your next gig, but most of my clients are looking for inspiration and deeper meaning.  

Through online career coaching, my clients have:

  • Left corporate to find meaning and balance

  • Managed the transition after being downsized

  • Explored what was whispering…that little idea that wouldn’t leave them alone

  • Left academia (jumping from tenure track to industry or non-profit)

  • Started side gigs – a band, a consulting gig, a side hustle

  • Switched industries, functional skills, or both

  • Rejoined the workforce after being home with kids

  • And more….

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Whether facing one of life’s many transitions or fed up with living on autopilot, step into the full version of you. 

I coach the human under the title. Your job is to care about your company’s bottom line. My job is to care about yours.

Whether you’re a career changer, executive, or a life coach client, your mindset is your secret weapon.

Barbara reveals people to themselves. - TG

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