Find your power

in times of change.

Not feeling connected to your job or life?

Maybe you’re teetering on the brink of reinvention or paralyzed in the middle of it – lost and confused. There is power, energy, and brilliance in times of change and career & life coaching with me can help you find it.  Through individual coaching sessions, I help reveal you to yourself so you can tap into that power, get out of limbo and claim your space in the world.

I’ve been there – genuinely on autopilot, genuinely annoyed, and genuinely ready to get to the other side of the confusion.

How does coaching help you Live Your Genuine?

Career, mindset, and life coaching helps you break free from default mode and astonish yourself with the bold joy that comes from working and living in alignment with who you are at your core.

When who you are being, how you are being, what you are doing and how you are doing it are all aligned, your genuine potential is accessed and unleashed.

I believe that you are more than your limited perception of you and your potential for growth is greater than you think.

What’s possible if you believe that too?

Would you start a business? Embrace retirement? Own that leadership role? Take a class? Start a band? My coaching clients have done all those things. I partner with bright and ambitious women and men who desperately want to access, accept, and activate their real gifts so they can live and work authentically and grow during times of big change.

No Faking. All Freedom.

I know for sure that when the whole you, the full creative expression of you, is in flow and unleashed, freedom abounds. Freedom to live in line with your personal values, freedom to fully realize your potential, and freedom to make the meaningful impact you are here to make.

You are looking for meaning and purpose, not just the mechanics of landing your next gig. Get out of your own way and find work that lights you up.

Whether facing one of life’s many transitions or fed up with living on autopilot, step into the full version of you.

I coach the human under the title. Your job is to care about your company’s bottom line. My job is to care about yours.

Whether you’re a career changer, executive, or a life coach client, your mindset is your secret weapon.

I don’t fluff around. My intention is to maximize the impact of coaching in your life, not maximize your time with me. With an innate ability to be present with you, listen deeply, and zero in on limiting beliefs, I help you access your genuine power so you start living and working in full color.

Barbara reveals people to themselves. - TG

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