Executive and Leadership Coaching

You need someone confidentially and wholeheartedly in your corner who can help navigate the gap between who you are as a leader now and who you want to be. That, in turn, will change how you make the impact you want to make in your organization.

I coach the human under the title.

Your job is to care about your company’s bottom line. My job is to care about yours.

I have a significant client base at the director level and above. Your challenges and opportunities are different here. I provide a safe space for you to brainstorm, map possibilities, and explore options without judgment and with no concerns about confidentiality.

You may be working with an internal executive coach provided by your company. That’s good. I am not a corporate coach. My value lies in a different place. This is an individual and private coaching model for executives who need a personal sounding board and strategist for who they are being, who they are becoming, and how that affects all areas of life.

My executive clients seek an off-site, dedicated partner to focus on their personal transformation.

We will use your 360 assessments (if you have them) and my assessments if you don’t as well as a weekly or bi-weekly one-hour session with a focus on your specific needs and can include:

  • Identifying your leadership commitment

  • Elevating your leadership presence to consistently create impact, exercise influence and provide value

  • Examining strengths – how does overuse affect those around you? Underuse?

  • Increasing your capacity for managing conflict and having difficult conversations

  • Refusing to let Imposter syndrome stop you

There is a human under every title. Build your awareness, emotional intelligence, and take action with accountability to increase effectiveness and achievement of professional and personal goals.

Book your ½ hour discovery call now.

You are looking for meaning and purpose, not just the mechanics of landing your next gig. Get out of your own way and find work that lights you up.

Whether facing one of life’s many transitions or fed up with living on autopilot, step into the full version of you.

Whether you’re a career changer, executive, or a life coach client, your mindset is your secret weapon.

Barbara reveals people to themselves. - TG

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