We know of the glass ceiling. Ever heard of the glass wall?


We know of the glass ceiling. Ever heard of the glass wall?

A young woman stood on one side of a glass wall, watching her company’s business event happening on the other side. She was in there moments ago with her heels and suit. 

But pretending that she cared about the corporate blah-blah-blah wasn’t her jam. She left to get some air and caught the scene through the glass that now separated her from the event – and her fake self from her real self.

After years of deciphering clues from many glass wall moments, she fakes it no more.

If you’ve had your own glass wall moments – looking in, not feeling connected, not wanting to be connected – ask yourself:

  • What’s the scene I’d be excited to rejoin?
  • Who are the people, what is the environment, vibe, dress, emotion from that scene?
  • What are people talking about? Making? Creating? Building? Solving?

And maybe even

  • How can I create my own scene and invite others in?

Shatter the glass wall. Live you genuine.

I can help you do that. It’s my jam. 

Barbara reveals people to themselves. - TG

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