What Employees Need To Know About Employee Engagement


There’s a lot of talk about employee engagement out there, but as an employee, remember these things:

No matter what your company does, it’s all up to you.

It’s your company’s job to set the stage for engagement and to create a culture that pushes all of the engagement hot buttons: relevance, a sense of autonomy, growth, meaning, etc. That’s their job. They can set it all up, but you have to want it for yourself.

Companies can lead an employee to engagement but….

They can’t make you drink their Kool-Aid, right? Why would you want to anyway? Your job is to make a recipe for your own Kool-Aid and contribute to the company you’re with while tweaking your own ingredients. Instead of disengaging because you’re not feeling the vibe where you are, engage for the purpose of finding out where you should be instead.

Become your own career coach.

Use the opportunities the company gives you for your personal career development plan. You may have other goals than staying where you are. That’s fine – but don’t be a victim while you’re there. Make every company-sponsored perk an opportunity to analyze your strengths and interests. Take advantage of any assessments your company offers. Consider it free coaching! Only you have to know why you’re engaging. Instead of being skeptical about their manipulative tactics to get you to perform, perform for your own benefit. The company still wins, but you win too. Take what you learn to move within your existing organization if you can or on to your ideal role somewhere else. Just don’t sit on the sidelines and complain.

Yes, it’s all about their bottom line.

What about your bottom line? The company is doing their job. What are you doing? If you are sitting around waiting for the right perk to make you happy, you’re part of the problem. Companies have poured years of research and time and money into figuring out why engagement numbers aren’t what they want. What have you done for yourself to take accountability for your career wellness? Engagement is good for all, so be the manager of your own career and make your bottom line just as valuable.

Think employee engagement is only for managers and executives? It’s really about you. You just haven’t been informed of how to use it yet.  Keep reading to learn more.



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