Lights. Camera. ACTION!


But what if there are no lights.   And, what if there is no camera?  What if all you have is that little voice inside that keeps whispering “Action”?  That voice is telling you, over and over again, in different ways, how to become the Director of your own life.  Will you trust that voice to direct your first step?   It’ll do a better job than Spielberg or Scorsese ever could because, after all, this is your life.   That little whisper (which often becomes a shout if you ignore it) is nobody else’s but yours.  If you feel that you’ve been acting in someone else’s movie until now, it’s time for action.

Whether you’ve been sitting in the same cubicle for 15 years, or you’re re-entering the workforce after some time away, or you’re trying to find work that aligns with your core values, making a decision to change can be unnerving.

You think about what that little voice is telling you. And you think.  And think. Until you find that you’ve thought yourself into a state of paralysis; making it almost impossible to take action.  That’s really just fear. Honoring the voice doesn’t mean you have to do a 180° right there on the spot.  It means that introspection will only take you so far.  Action, often the smallest step, is what you need to honor the internal whisper and start your shift to Career Wellness.

I must share a few lines from “You Don’t Need to Know How to Do It.  You Just Need to Start;” an article by Ishita Gupta, Publisher of fear.less Magazine.  It’s a great compilation of the things we think we need before we take any action.  Believing we need these things causes paralysis:

“You don’t have to have the best team, the right website, or be an expert. You have everything you need right now; you just need the courage to act. 

You don’t have to wait for investors or your boss to notice your smarts.  You recognize it first.

You don’t have to feel guilty for spending time on what makes you happy.  You do have to worry if you never listen to the voice inside you.”

Read the full article here.  I bet you’ll recognize a few of these paralyzing “must-have” thoughts.

Self-reflection is definitely part of your career development, but it can be the very thing that keeps you feeling like you are an actor in someone else’s movie.  As Herminia Ibarra states in her book Working Identity, “Sometimes all we know at the start is that we want to be somewhere else.”

We rarely know where we are going to end up; but taking one tiny step can change the course of your story and help direct your career in a way that aligns with that little voice.   Can you hear it? (Because it’s screaming now.)  “Annnnd ACTION!”

Barbara reveals people to themselves. - TG

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