Career Confidence – How Saying YES Makes All the Difference

Flickr credit: greeblie
Flickr credit: greeblie

SEEKING GUEST BLOGGERS to share YES stories….opportunities that made no sense to your career “plan” but you said YES and it took you in a new direction.  Maybe you accepted a random project, agreed to a networking event, was lured by a different industry recruiter, volunteered somewhere that led to a valuable new connection, etc.  Click here for three mini-examples.

When you can look back and identify times when saying YES changed your career trajectory, you become more mindful of how opening yourself to “random” events can hold career potential.  Sometimes YES results in a perceived “failure” but the “failure” holds value too.

From students who have options outside of their selected college majors, to women re-entering the workforce after divorce (or empty-nest or staying home with kids), to mid-lifers longing for a career change but not knowing where to start, I work with people in all stages of career development who can benefit from personal accounts of how YES breeds career confidence.

Things you may want to include in your post:

  • Give a brief overview of the situation.
  • When in your life did this happen?  In college/early career/laid off/after divorce/empty nest/staying home with kids/mid-career job change/ retirement?
  • Why did you say yes?
  • Did a gut feeling or intuition play a part in your decision?
  • Did you know with 100% certainly it was the right decision?
  • Did saying yes to that decision breed new opportunities?
  • Did you have all of the skills you needed to say yes or did you believe that you could learn what you needed to know?
  • How did it feel when you said yes?
  • In retrospect, how did that decision affect your career?
  • What form of career confidence came from that yes?

What things below might have stopped you saying yes?

  • Financial concerns.
  • People will think I’m stupid.
  • People will think this is below me.
  • People will think I can’t do this.
  • I’ve wasted all my schooling/degree/work in another industry.
  • My work schedule will change.
  • What else?

Nitty-Gritty Guidelines

Word Count:  Roughly 400 – 800 words, 1000 tops.  But use what you need to tell your story and share your point efficiently and effectively.

Content:  Original unique content – not published on your blog or any other blog in original or any modified form.

Editing: All submissions will be edited for correct grammar and formatted before publication.  Keep titles short and simple, preferably no more than eight words.

Author bio: Please include a brief author bio, name, title, company (if you want included).  One link in your bio is encouraged.

Audience:  Ranges from college students, to young professionals to women in the middle of transition, to mid-career job changers.

Images: We welcome image submissions with your blog along with appropriate photo credit.

Submissions:  Please submit all entries to

Payment:   We do not pay for guest blogs but we’re happy to promote your website, business or blog on our social media in return.

Exclusivity & Promotion:  The same article cannot be modified and published elsewhere. You can link back to the article from your own blog and promote on social media to let your readers know about your post.

Notification:  Notification of when your post will appear will be sent one week before publishing.

Deadline:  Right now there is no deadline for submission on this topic.

Photo credit:  Flickr via Greeblie

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