ALLENTOWN, PA – Career Wellness Partners, LLC, a Lehigh Valley Career Consulting Company, has been named as a Professional Service Provider by Doylestown-based Alpha Center for Divorce Mediation.  The Alpha Center, founded in 1995 by Keila Gilbert, Esq., is dedicated to “providing families with excellent legal, financial and parenting guidance; thereby, empowering them to intelligently navigate their divorce transition and establish the best quality of life possible after divorce.”

The Alpha Resource Center, LLC, a sister company, was formed in 2006 and is dedicated to providing programs for saving marriages and assisting with divorce recovery.  It is here, where Alpha partners with professional service providers including family therapists, financial advisors, mortgage brokers, health and wellness professionals and career advisors who can be helpful during the transition of divorce.

Barbara Berger, Certified Career Coach and owner of Career Wellness Partners, works with individuals in career transition.   “Divorce is one of life’s most difficult transitions and, as if the pain of separation itself isn’t bad enough, often one or both parties find themselves in a career crisis as well.  They may have to change jobs or re-enter the work force.  Sometimes a divorce is a wake-up call and a spouse decides it’s time to switch industries, relocate, or re-focus their career goals.  Other times, divorce proceedings have a negative impact on an existing position and one of the parties finds themselves out of work and needing to take a transition job.  My company works with these individuals to help them find a way through the overwhelming career decisions and helps them find focus. Many times, people just need a place to begin.”  Berger said, “I look forward to the partnership with the Alpha Center as we have a mutual desire to help people find their way during a very difficult and emotionally-challenging time.”

Since its inception, the Alpha Center has grown to 10 locations in Eastern PA and is continuing to expand.  “The key to Alpha’s long history of success is the quality and dedication of the professionals who are a part of our program and resources.  We believe that Career Wellness Partners will be a wonderful resource for our clients since many of them face career transitions as direct result of their divorce transitions.  Life after divorce can be richly rewarding and Career Wellness Partners will be there to ensure that it is all that it can be.”

Career Wellness Partners is not a search firm or headhunter, but provides resume writing, mock interviewing, and job search strategies in addition to Career Consulting and Coaching. 

 For more information about Career Wellness please contact Barbara Berger at 484-862-9523, or  For the Alpha Center please contact Arielle Krause at 800-310-9085,, or

Barbara reveals people to themselves. - TG

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